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          中文 | ENGLISH | SetHome | AddFavorite 您好!歡迎來到深圳市領航制冷科技有限公司官方網站!
          Service Hotline:13652325692
          Product Categories


          • BYD

          • Vivi A Henry dairy

          • Amoi

          • Konka Group

          • Siemens

          • Kang Li Si Group

          • Samsung Electronics

          • UBS


          More than 20 R & D team development in line with international standards of products, advanced processing technology, effectively improve the work efficiency, monthly production reached more than 100 sets

          From raw materials to finished products, after a total of 10 standardized production procedures, each procedure are after strict monitoring, the error can be reduced to a minimum, to ensure product quality

          Pilot every chillers are tailored to the customer, every unit in the production of all qualified professional test platform to test by the factory, the pilot of the refrigeration equipment operation in the industrial field in all walks of life

          Heart of refrigeration compressor by Japan, Europe and the United States and Taiwan imported brand refrigeration components for thermal equipment Brass by Germany and Japan imported materials with Japan, the United States, Taiwan imported brands

          Have to go through computer simulation the R & D team for each type, select the best configuration of refrigeration system

          Established a perfect after-sale service system, eliminating the customers worry free technical service free pre program design free installation guide free of charge for one year warranty






          Plant location

          production workshop

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          Screw type cold water machine production line

          Production strength

          Production strength

          Production strength

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          2 o'clock in the afternoon of December 6, and "East Star in Shenzhen area dealer channel development and training session" in Vienna Hotel Shenzhen North Station opened. Meeting were invited to Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Xiamen and other areas of the director, ...
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