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          Leakage Reasons of Air-cooled Separate Chiller
          2019-08-21 15:26:47領航制冷 領航制冷
          Speaking of split chiller, we must think of it as the name implies, that is to say, it is to separate our integrated chiller. Simply speaking, it is our air conditioner, which is divided into indoor and outdoor units. Today, Dongxing will share with you that when the split chiller is in use, there may be leakage and dripping in the indoor unit of the chiller due to various factors, which will affect the normal operation of the chiller. We must find out the reasons and troubleshoot them.
          Generally speaking, the causes of leakage of indoor units of split chillers can be analyzed from the following points:
          1. Because the indoor unit of the split chiller is installed in the room, its condensate drainage depends on the gravity of water, so the condensate drainage pipe must have a certain slope along the drainage direction to facilitate the discharge of water. If the slope is not enough, even the outlet of the drainage pipe is higher than the outlet of the condensate plate, it will cause condensation. Water drainage is not smooth, even overflow, so attention must be paid to the installation process.
          2. Cracks occur in the condensate pan or damages occur due to long service life. If it is not protected during transportation or not noticed during installation, it will also cause damage to the water pan, so it should be repaired and reused.
          3. The interface between the outlet of the condensate disc and the drainage pipe is damaged, or the interface is not connected as required.
          4. Because of the influence of water quality or environment, the drainage pipe/drainage hole of split chiller is blocked, and the blockage should be removed in time.
          5. If the drain pipe is broken or damaged, the damaged drain pipe should be replaced in time. If there is a compressed drain pipe, it should be restored to normal.
          6. Condensate pan has not been insulated according to the requirements, or the insulating part has been damaged. Because the temperature of condensate is very low, secondary condensation occurs and condensation and dripping occur.
          Summarize the above reasons. When the leakage occurs in the indoor unit of the split chiller, we can find out the fault location according to the above reasons, readjust the position of the drain pipe, tilt the drain pipe from inside to outside, or repair the interface between the condensate plate and the drain pipe, dredge the drain hole and drain pipe.
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